Providing quality, speech and

  language therapy services to

         Danville, Alamo, Blackhawk,

San Ramon, 

Dublin, Pleasanton

     Walnut Creek & area surrounding   California East Bay 

“As you probably know, (my son) was resistant at first but in the end really enjoyed it and I know thought you were great to work with and we were glad to see he had shown improvement. Thank you for your assistance and general kindness towards our son. “


“Collaboration is at the heart of her therapy…….”


“I worked as a special needs teacher with Beth Chapey for 3 years at an elementary school. Beth was the speech therapist for the majority of my students (3rd -5th grade mild SDC). Beth provided incredible instruction and therapy for my students across a variety of areas; language, articulation, voice and fluency, vocabulary, and social interactions. I saw dramatic improvements in my students as soon as they began working with Mrs. Chapey. The children loved being with her because she made learning fun and appealing to a variety of grade levels and ability levels.

 Not only was Beth a wonderful speech therapist for my class, but she was a fantastic mentor for me. She understands children’s needs and how to best support them in order to meet their goals. She is highly intelligent and easy to work with from a teacher’s perspective, as well as by the parents in my class.  Parents raved about the growth they saw in their child’s speech and social skills thanks to the therapy Mrs. Chapey provided.”


“Thank you, thank you. You helped me  SO MUCH with my speech!”

 ---Young adult client

“This is the best speech place ever……”

---Client,  age 6

“Beth Chapey is a FABULOUS speech therapist!!  She helped my daughter reach her speech goals but really did so much more!!  She focuses on the whole child, not just speech.  She gave my daughter tools to help her grow as a student/child.  Beth is the BEST!!! “